Wednesday, December 16, 2009



1. Name: Pinocchio (his nickname given by Heechul)

2. Age: 22

3. Birthday: 1986.10.15

5. School: Harry Potter School~

6. Height: I’m like third high C on the keyboard

7. Blood type: A

8. Religion: Below God’s sky . . .

9. Hobbies: To listen to Cinderella’s ( HeeChul ) gossip

10. Personality: I’m lovable

11. When you’re the happiest: When I write in my diary

12. Your biggest complaint currently: No computer at home

13. What you wear when you sleep: Pajamas are the best!

14. A hairstyle you like on the opposite gender: Silky hair

15. Ideal girl: It could be you who’s reading this right now

16. Habits: Whenever I think of you (music note)

17. Favorite fruit: Tangerine, pear, strawberry, kiwi – they’re the best

18. Favorite vegetable: Carrot!!

19. Guy celebrities you think are good looking: Cinderella, Snow White.

20. Girl celebrities you think are pretty: Song Hye Gyo !

21. A treasured possession: Polaris

22. Numbers you like: 3, 6, 9

23. Things that stress you: I want to see my big brother (DongHwa hyung).

24. My bad qualities: The fact that I can’t be a citizen on the planet BangWheeDaeHuLweh

25. Your mood right now: Jjang!!

26. What you want to do right now: I want to see KiBum but he’s not coming (ahah! how cute!)

27. A kid you like: A kid that’s like a kid

28. Food you like: Chicken DoRiTang

29. Food you don’t like: Anything sweet

30. Shoe size: 270

31. Drinking capacity: Beer is always N O ! !

32. Cigarette: Smoking is also always N O ! !

33. A movie that made you sad: Whatever others say is sad . . . is sad

34. A childhood dream: Even if I run into a huge car, I never get hurt.

35. Motto: Let’s not get scorn from others!

36. Bedtime: Whenever I want to sleep!

37. Your future hope: To conquest America

38. Do you think you’re the type that laughs easily: I laugh easily inside hah

39. Something you cook well: Ramyun, just something strange. Do you want to eat?

40. Where do you live right now?: somewhere in Korea

41. An event that remains in your memory: From fifth grade to junior high (wonder what happened there)

42. What you say often: Let’s go see a movie, I missed you, you live inside of me!

43. Have you ever gone out of country: NO!

44. First kiss: When are you going to kiss me??

45. If you did, where: Me??

46. When you see a girl, where do you look first: Pupils

58. If you suddenly got million won: To my parents…

59. A drama that you had fun watching?: Dramas are my sole joy in life!

60. A movie you had fun watching?: Movies are my sole life!

61. Eyesight: 2.0

62. Destressing methods: Shopping!

63. What you want to learn: Everything in the world.

64. What you want to do: I want to meet Justin!

65. If your girlfriend was dying: I would do whatever it takes to rescue her!

66. When do you feel like you hate yourself: Even when I hate myself, I still like

67. About relationships before marriage: I don’t care

68. Lifestyle principle: There is nothing in life that comes looking for you.

69. Weather that I like: A weather that is good for movie-watching

70. When is your TV time: When dramas are on.

71. Precious friends: My hyung (DongHwa)

72. Life is?: Happiness

73. Favorite drink: Milk

75: Favorite cookies: PokaPoka~chip

76. If you break up with your girlfriend, you would go: to sing

77. A teacher you respect: My teacher is my father!

78. Introduce your family: Grandpa, Grandma, Dad, Mom, Hyung, Me

79. Happiness is: The fact that I can do something right now!

80. A birthday present that you remember most: Just the fact that I’m healthy

81. Favorite animal: Maltese, Yorkie

82. Favorite plant: Flower

83. Favorite season: Spring, summer, fall, winter, I wish the season would change
once everyday

84. About antis: good bye

85. If you had to choose between love or friendship: Both~(I can do it^^)

86. If the world was to come to an end tomorrow: I want to spend it with my family

87. Singing skills: Nice good

88. Dancing skills: Nice jjang

89. Your theme song: If you like it I will do as much as you want

91. Favorite fruit tree: I like them all

92. What do you feel about relationships where a girl is older than the boy: If they
like it, well…be happy!

93. If you were to die tomorrow: What…with my family again

94. When do you want to marry: When I see Polaris

95. Yourself 20 years later: I love you

96. A country you want to see the most: America, Australia, Canada!

97. E-mail: Um…I have 4

98. What you want to say to those who read this: Do you want to fall into Donghae’s
smile? (My answer is YES YES YES!)

99. If you had a trait you want to fix: Where?

100. Last word: Is Planet HuLwehShiMan really unconquerable??


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