Thursday, December 10, 2009

Life is Sux, But You Can Change It..

This is a story of my friend.. I'm kinda close to her. Yes, she told me almost everything going on in her life. Almost. And most of it was about her flirtings and her lovelife. She love to flirt because at the moment, she don't have anyone special. So, she was into this one guy who seemed like a good guy. She's kind of falling for him and she thought that maybe that guy feel like that too towards her. But then, just today, she went to Fb, and stalking that guy's activities. Then, she found out that maybe this guy have someone special(cause of 'the girlfriend' comments on his wall). Well, it did involved with saying 'I Love You'. So, being a fragile girl, she cried. And told me about it. And my reaction?

Me: F*ck that *****!! Are you crying?
Her: Duhh.. I'm really crying! Like, he gave me hope, and I hold on to that! Gosh, I'm like a fool!!
Me: Hey, stop crying. He ain't good for you. Just search someone else. He's not handsome anyways(really, I'm not kidding but my friend said that she judge by his insides not what's on the outside..blerghh..NEVER FOR ME!)
Her: I might as well said sorry to him. I'm disturbing his life.

I was like..0_0??? Why did you have to say sorry??? It's not even your fault!! And stop being so desperate over a guy! He's nothing! Seriously! Aishh... So, the talk goes on and on... which made me exploded!! I'm mad with the guy and my friend!! Just go flirt with someone else! Don't think about him~! ERGGHHHH.....!!!!

To my friend. I suggest you to move on. MOVE ON FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!! You made the decision to cry... So, why can't you make a decision to smile? Be my HAPPY friend back, please?

"Life is Sux, But You Can Change It.."

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