Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rain 'WOW'ed me....

Okay, I've watched Ninja Assassins recently. It's all because of Rain and tons of pleadings from my sis. So, yeah.. I watch it and OMFG!! it was AWEESSSOOOMMEEE!!! really GREAT!!

Because personally, as Kpop fan, I kinda knew Rain(not literally).. so, I thought that his acting would be rubbish and his English will be sux. But then, I was totally wrong! He spoke fluent English with his hella sexy voice, and his acting is a masterpiece!! He's really good!

And I dare to say that RAIN JUNG JI HOON is the IDOL of ALL IDOLS.. His determination, and his looks conquer all women heart.. and mine too :P ... So yeah, basically. You need to watch Ninja Assassins while I'm gonna buy the DVD... Yes, it's worth it!!

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