Friday, December 11, 2009

Gosh, G Dragon is F*cking Sux!!!

Well, as I said... my blog will be deadly blunt~ So, those who turned out to be VIP, please close this window cause I have enough of his nonsense... And yes, I DONT LIKE GD! So what? But I never said I hate him (going to, someday...)It's just that what he did is really D.I.S.G.U.S.T.I.N.G...!!!! Yes, total EUWWW..

This pic turned out to be the most disgusting pic from him. They were like making out on stage!! Yes, this was from his recent(?) solo concert.. Omg, he is going overboard! Seriously, he need someone to smack him on the head... Total dissapointment from a leader of a quite famous group, BIGBANG..blergghh...

Okay, some says that he is a trendsetter.. Well, i kinda can't deny that cause seriously, everyone has their own idol so, its up to people to follow which one.. So, being a trendsetter is a total nonsense. Anyways.. the pic..Oh there, he admit it! "I LOVE SEX" hahahhaaha.... You admit it,huh? I thought so too~ Grrr....

Anyways.. the pic.. EUWW... did u guys see the pic on the down, right of the shirt? GOSH!! LUNATIC!!! He's going too far..

TO FANS: If you love him so much, good. At least he has a fan... Cause for me, He's not worth it. Well, u can like him, but don't love him.. And for those fans saying, "it's just a shirt, anyone wear it..bla..bla.." Listen up girl, Yes, i know it's a shirt! Duhh... But seriously, he's an IDOL. Cant he at least show some respect to this pure(?) industry? and those who are saying "He's being himself, that shows that he is not hypocrite" Well, I say, ITS TOO MUCH!! Lots of artists, are not fake but they still can control themselves, so why GD can't? shesshh.....

TO GD: Please wake up from your SEX LAND... It's disgusting... Get some help to control your sex urges.. That's all.

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