Wednesday, December 16, 2009


~Snow white~

1. Name: Kim KiBum

2. Birthday: August 21, 1987

3. Blood Type: Blood Type A ( -_- ) I’m not shy

4. Hobby [Something You’re interested in] and Special Talent: Hmm…

5. The amount of money you spend in a month: About 15 ManWon [I don’t remember how much that is]

6. Things you like: Hm… A DigiCam! -_- My character is a photographer… but I don’t have a DigiCam.. hehe…

7. Something you want to throw away: i'll think about it. [i think that's what he means]

8. The time you are the most happy is when…: It’s a secret.

9. The most stressful thing for you right now: It’s a secret…Hmph. I’m not very fond of sharing my private life -_-;; that’s why I don’t have a cyworld either.

10. Favorite clothing. A Hairstyle you like to have: Hmm -_-;;… I don’t really care, I wear what I have.

11. The person you like of the other gender’s clothing and their hairstyle: Hm. Hmm… ;;

12. Habit/Peculiar thing you do: My tongue… [I cant explain this.] Nae Reum Nae Reum

13. What do you think about homosexuals?: -_-

14. Your dream when you were younger, your dream now: At 16 years of age, a doctor. Now, an actor

15. Food you like, Food you dislike: Hmmm… ;; I don’t know -_-;;

16. The person that remains in your memory: A secret-_-

17. A book that remains in your memory: DoReMiPaSolLaSiDo~? If it comes out as a movie, im going to watch[?] it or buy [?] it. [im not sure which one.]

18. A movie that remains in your memory: Eraser in my Head… I want to direct a film like this one day

19. When you look at the other gender, what do you look at first?: Eyes? ? Hm… I’m pretty sure the eyes.

20. The most memorable moment and place: A secret-_-;

21. How many years apart will the person you marry be with you?: I don’t know-_-;; You’re already talking about marriage!!

22. The most memorable present you got from the opposite gender: A written journal for 100 days

23. Your 18th. [I have no idea what that means]: A Song? -_- I don’t know

24. Celebrities you like and dislike: There are no such things as like or dislike… I don’t even know much about them…

25. If you had to pick between a person that loves you or a person that you love, who would you pick?: The person I like

26. You’re “perfect” person/ “soulmate”: SoulMate?.. None…

27. Who was your first love? And when: -_- It’s a secret…

28. If a person you didn’t like followed you around: “Why are you following me?” That’s what I would say

29. Solution to Stress: I’m going to beat them to make them lay down with ‘Get Amped.’

30. A person you respect: Hmm… A person who gets recognized for their acting skills

31. Yourself 30 years from now: How am I supposed to know.. -.-;; I’ll go to America with my wife and live while watching the ocean

32. What’s your favorite motto?: Let’s live by the Bible…

33. What’s your favorite food you have with alcohol?: -_-;;;

34. The place you really want to go right now: America… to my family…

35. If you could decide when you could die, when do you want to die?: That’s isn’t something I can decide.. I’ll leave whenever the Lord wants me to leave

36. Do you arrive late or are you the one waiting when you make plans?: I usually wait…

37. Your jinx: I don’t think I have -_-;;

38. Your favorite color: Sky blue..

39. Your favorite perfume/cologne: Bulgari [? Im not sure]

40. Your favorite American/English word: Love

41. Your family: Secret;;

42. Love is: Laughing

43. Happiness is: Laughing

44. Animal you like, animal you dislike: Like: Rabbit,Cat Dislike: Mice

45. Number you like, number you dislike: Like: 1 Dislike: 9

46. Your singing skills and your dancing skills: Secret -_-

47. Who would you pick if your friend and your girlfriend fell into water?: My girlfriend

48. Is first love the first time you love? Or… the first time you loved each other?: The first time you loved each other

49. Your nickname: My nickname went away-_- Huk! It used to be ‘Gi’ …

51. An older Girl and a Younger Guy. What do you think about their love?: Older Girl.. -_-;; I don’t know-_-+

52. Something that is most important between two human beings: Trust [typed in Hangul].. Trust [typed in English]…

53. When you were in school, what was your best grade/rank and your worst: My best grade/mark.. -_-Hmph.. A4 B2.. In 3rd year of middle school [in korea that’s 9th grade] .. keke my worst is a secret-_-

54. What you think of when you look in the mirror: Chi-0-+

55. Your personality: To people I don’t know I’m very cold… But once you get to know me I’m not a bad person-_-

56. When have blacked out from drinking: Never-_-

57. How many children do you want after you get married: 0 Children

58. When you want to marry: 29 years old

59. Present you want to give to a friend of the other gender: A secret-_-Hmph

60. The place you want to go for your honeymoon: Japan..

61. The thing you want the most as of now: Computer…??

62. Your BEST friend: A secret..

63. When you want to die…: When my life becomes unbearable..

64. When it snows or rains, the person you think of: A secret-_-

65. The person you like as of now [if you say who it is it’s even better^^]: A secret-_-

66. How much alcohol can you handle: A secret-_-;

67. A place you like to go to: DoGokDong.. It’ll stir up memories from when I was younger

68. What if the Earth was to end tomorrow: -_-

69. What you do when you’re angry: Let’s see… I do have a part of me that gets angry fast… but after I get angry I forget why I was angry…

70. Your favorite day of the week: Sunday…

71. The song you would like to sing for the person you love: Everything…

72. The place you really want to get surgery on: Nowhere… It’s not because I think I’m all that.. I think it’s going to hurt so even if I die I can’t do it.. -_-;;

73. Fruit you like. Fruit you dislike.: Tangerine..^^ What I don’t like.. Apple..

74. Season you like. Season you dislike.: Spring.. is the best.. Summer, Winter, I don’t like..

75. A song you like to listen to nowadays: Nell - ;; [To wash your body in a broken stream? I’m not sure either.]

76. A TV program you like to watch: Sharp #2-_- Sigh..

77. What was the saddest event that happened in your life so far: A secret..

78. What was the happiest even that happened in your life so far: A secret..

79. Right now this minute the thing you want the most: I want to be happy forever-_-;;

80. What do you hear from your friends the most: I don’t know..

81. The food you cook the best: Ramyun-_-;; [Spicy noodle that comes in a package]

82. A friend is?: Hmm…

83. How do you tell the difference between friendship and love: Love makes your heart beat~ K ya~

84. Friendship between a boy and a girl is possible: Nope~

85. The time you played someone(if you have how many people): Never-_-;;

86. When do you think you look the hottest: A secret^^

87. Do you eat a lot of food or a little bit: A LOT!

88. How many times do you think of something ‘naughty’ a day: A secret-_- Psh~

89. How many times have you gone out with someone? How many times have you been dumped?: 6 times? Dumped? Three times?

90. Something you want to say to someone you love: I love you

91. If you were trapped in jail, the three things you would want to take: I don’t want to go

92. Someone you wish to see right now and about that person..:A secret…but.. I miss them so much.

93. Someone you don’t like right now and about that person: The person that makes prank calls at night-_-;; Thanks to that person I’m changing my phone number

94. Your cellphone meant[?] (maybe they mean model? Or service?): My cellphone is on suspension.

95. Song lyrics that match with your mind as of now: Give me a shoulder to lean on instead of a thousand words..

96. If a person you loved didn’t get accepted by your family: I’m sorry mother father…

97. Your opinion of marriage: ? Hmm..

98. Were you truthful all the way?: Yes..

99. What you want to say to people who have read this?: Am I..not arrogant?

100. While you were writing, what did you think about: Let’s write very arrogantly..

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