Wednesday, December 16, 2009



1. Name: Han Kyung

2. D.O.B: 1984 Feb 9

3. Address: (korea) don’t know

4. Blood Type: Don’t know

5. Height: 181cm

6. Weight: 64kg

7. Shoe Size: 42

8. Character: Don’t speak that much

9. Dream: To have a business of my own

10. Specialize In: Ballet

11. Hobbies: Playing computer games

12. When You Have a Bad Mood: Sleep

13. Fav. Artist: Andy Lau

14. Fav. Flower: White lilies

15. Fav. Food: Steamboat

16. Fav. Fruit: Watermelon

18. Fav. Comic: Any

20. Duration of sleep: No specific hours. *i don’t really know how to translate the word but it means he will slp for how many hrs as he like, there is no specific hours that he will slp.*

21. What Kind of Girls Do You Like: Girls who r good/kind to their parents

22. First Love: 18… no… its 19

23. People Whom You Respect: Parents

24. Sports You Are Good In: Swimming n long-run

25. Music That You Like: No specific kind

26. Fav. Brand: Gucci n Calvin Klein

27. Time When You Are In Best Condition: Night

28. First Thing You Do When You Wake Up: Drink water

29. Things you will do before you sleep: Drink water

30 Fav. number: 4

31. Fav season: Summer

32. Religion: None

33. What you will think when you see your reflection in the mirror: No thoughts.

34. Fav. Color: Black

35. Good points about you: Honest… haha~

36. Bad points about you: Too honest

37. Fav. Country: Rome

39. Fav. Accessories: I like any kinds

40. Dishes you are good at: A lot

41. Fav. Food: Southern dishes *dishes from the southern part of china i guess~*

42. Other language you are good at: Korean

43. What you want to do with your girlfriend: Being together

44. Things you want to give to your girlfriend: Things that she likes

45. Things that you want: A lot

46. Fav. Korean Food: BBQ meat * the words kinda jumble up but i saw the chinese word for bbq n meat so ya, i guessed*

47. Things you want from your girlfriend: I don’t have high expectations, anything will do

48. Cellphone greeting: ??????

49. Ringing tone: -

50. Ringing tone for the person calling: -

51. Brand of cellphone: Anything, what matters is it looks good

52. What kind of dressing style do you prefer: Anything

53. Fav. Sleeping position: Sleeping on my sides

54. When will you think of giving up: No

55. How many times have you given flowers to girls: I don’t do that

56. How many times have you received flowers from girls: Hee, all from my fans

57. What’s attractive about you: I don’t know

58. What do you think others think of you: Frightening

59. Which member do you live with from SM: All

60. Which member from SJ are you close with: Pretty good with all the members

61. Which SJ member do you think is cute: Shin Dong

62. Which SJ member do you think is best looking: ??????

63. Which SJ member do you think has the best complexion: Sung Min

65. Which SJ member is best at talking: Kang In

67. How many times do you call back to your family: 2 times each day

68. Do you get angry easily: A little bit

69. Things you will never eat: Nothing

70. Easily sick: Yes

71. Things you want to learn: -

72. People whom you want to thank: Mum.

73. What is the happiest time in your life: When i graduated?

74. What do you think of money: Its a bad thing to have lots of money n same goes to when u don’t have much money

75. What do you do when you miss home: Call back home

76. Did you cry recently: Yes

77. How did you do in your first performance: I’m satisfied

78. Do you like yourself on stage or off stage: They are not the same

79. Will you join in drama or movie: Yes, in the future

80. What kind of chinese culture dance do you like: I like all

81. Which part of you do you think is the best: Eyes

82. Are you a patient person: No… haha~

83. How often do you come online to check your messages: Everyday

84. How much is your monthly allowence: 1500 ren ming bi china dollars*

85. Fav. Animals: dogs

86. Fav. Tidbit: don’t like

87. The latest time you ate: 5 IN THE MORNING

88. What character do you see in when you are dating: -

90. Name Given by others: I don’t know… haha~

92. What kind of fans you like: Quiet.

93. What kind of fans you hate: None

94. Things You want to say to your fans: Its great, Lets work hard together, thanks for your support n i will work extra hard. Lets work hard together.

95. New Year Greetings: Happy New Year

96. New Year Wish: To do well in Asia

*questions 97 -99 were not in it…*

100. Gift That You Want to Receive: There are alot… i guess i’m not gonna say it

- Lastly, What You Want To Say: Haha… wishes everyone happiness, hope that you guys will support me, Merry Christmas n A Happy New Year!

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